We are one of the premier exporters & importers of high quality Seafood products.

Our company’s ability to build strong foundations with its customers through understanding, communication, integrity and transparency is the keys of success of our business operations.

We deliver quality and build long-lasting relationships with our customers based on mutual trust, we work with first-rate products and provide a first-class service.

Our aim is to provide our worldwide customers with a reliable source of freshest, safest a best quality products available at competitive prices.

On the other hand we aim to provide our suppliers with the flexible importing process that maximizes their returns.


Meeting our customers’ expectations and trust by providing high quality products at reasonable prices.


In Maxim we strive to be pioneer in the market of foods by having the strongest market position in Middle East, and we have already taken advanced steps towards our goal that we succeeded to establish our self as one of the leader companies in the seafood, which encouraged us to follow the same road towards Foods sector in common.

Business Plan

As we have a bright & honorable history in frozen food business & as we achieved meeting our customers’ expectations; which granted us strong relations in different countries around the world …

We are planning to achieve our goals through these plans:

Short Term Plan

We aim to spread our products worldwide to extend the growth of our business by managing all deals & procedures through Dubai office.

Long Term Plan

We are longing for importing goods to Dubai and forward it to our customers in order to make it more reachable.

We are also planning to import raw materials to process it in Dubai, and then re-export to our customers.